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I love this mixed media collage. #mixed #media #collage #turquoise #angel #blue #painting #paint #art

Mixed Media - arise your tangles sweet spring, worked in antique threads, metals, plastics and and hand dyed vintage textiles

A print of the artist's original mixed media painting. Jean Oliver Designs. Inspirational use of book pages and sheet music.

Mixed media canvas, Eternal Spring, crackle painting, vertical blue gold sparkle, tree, twig, shine, green gold, textural canvas, abstract

This unusual wall sculpture is titled The Eternal Spring. This piece has thick layers of paint in a variety of colorus, rhinestones, twigs, modeling and

Loving the bird From

Starry Eyed - original painting by Stephen Lursen

Starry Eyed - $750 original painting by Stephen Lursen from Donna Downey Studios Inc. 4' tall x 3' wide on gallery depth canvas. Acrylic, collage, gold leaf, and glitter on canvas. This painting depicts two lovers at a camp fire under the dancing stars above. It was inspired by Stephen's love of Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. Stephen teaches how to paint this painting in an online workshop

Johwey Redington Recollections Series Opus 2, No. 4 ("The Call of the Wild") encaustic mixed media on braced wood 8" x 10" x 1"