great idea for art display

Artwork Board - Cute!

I have to get a couple of these!!! Easy Change Artwork Frames. Holds 50 pieces of kids artwork. Only $8.95!

DIY Bookshelves for the Wall

DIY Washi tape wall decal

to display kid art

Room for kid

kids art room

Or anywhere else in the house - another way to showcase art.

I think I like the idea of putting this in each of the kids rooms and having the pick out their outfits the night before, that way we (hopefully) avoid the "I don't know what to wear today" or "I was going to wear___ but I can't find it" in the morning.

Curtain Rod book sling - so cute!

Create an art gallery wall to display your kid's artwork. Fun for both parents and kids.

Kid art display

Ikea storage

Awesome bed! Opens up so much room! Need to do this!!

Children's Art Wall Display

Every Child is an Artist Wall Decal Large - Children Artwork Display - Picasso Quote.