Sesame Street character fruit & veggie trays

fruit and veggie trays. how cute!

Kid's Party Display- Make your little ones party fun AND healthy! #health

Sesame street fruit and veggies

The Cutest Healthy Snacks Ever!

Marshmallow ballerinas Oh goodness - now, we've all seen cake pops, and we all know about what fun they can be for a party... so how about this for a theme, the ballerina party, complete with little marshmallow ballerinas!! We…

Cute, healthy idea for kids parties...

very hungry caterpillar party

bug party food for the kids!

RAINBOW STICKS: These look really effective, don't they? You could make and eat these in combination with learning the rainbow song, finding out about different colours (for younger children), or learning about the role of colours in food and health (for older children). Get children to assemble these themselves, following the colour order.

Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs #fruit #kabobs

fun for any kind of party

Fruit Snowmen - a fun and healthy winter snack!

cupcake fruit cups. Great kids party food idea.

Cute idea!

Kids party food


Mini Fruit Pizza Bar


fruit kabobs!

Grilled Pepper Frogs; Great on top of juicy grill hamburgers