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500px / Photo "Ich muss jetzt echt die Welt retten..." by Julia Dávila


afternoon nap

resting easy

morning light


morning light. There is something about the sunlight patterns that warms me inside out.

#Sunday #mornings are for tea, laying in bed, catching up on sleep and reading favourite books over again, all while the sun is shining through the window. In this week's #PoetrySunday, @anikadurisova reflects on mornings and the concept of letting the light in: http://aquarteryoung.com/?p=5123

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I love bathroom light almost more than anything

Ahhhh, Paris | http://ilovebeautifulbeaches850.blogspot.com

This makes me think of a Vermeer painting.

tih ana

trevor triano.

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...And from the shelter of my mind through the window of my eyes I gaze beyond the rain drenched streets to England, where my heart lies. My mind's distracted & diffused, my thoughts are many miles away... And as I watch the drops of rain weave their weary paths & die, I know that I am like the rain- There but for the grace of God go I...

Window light.

/morning sunlight/peace

Large old windows set out in the tall grass meadow... Sunlight through a window