This happens way too often.

Yep. It's true.



This is how I felt when I read The Hunger Games and many other books

I HATE IT WHEN I FINISH A BOOK . I always think well that author obviously realized their mistake of not writing a second book and is writing it right now

I'll admit, this is probably a little scary for the people around me when I'm reading true crime....


So true

I get a library card 1st thing in a new town. Ill never forget my first maroon NYPL card with the white lion head silouette.

No doubt!


How books work.

The only kind of book worth reading.

This just happened to me with " Gone Girl"


Every time.

Ahhh... So true!

It's awesome... and what you should be surprised at is that it's ONLY the 5th time!

This site is actually very cool. Type in your favorite book and it will list 20 others similar to it. :) This could be life-changing!!