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    Don't forget your lunch ticket!

    you had to have a ticket for school lunch and milk

    School Lunch Ticket-In elementary I went to a school that passed out metal slugs which we had to turn in for our meal in the cafeteria. - CG

    Our school lunch were on these kind of trays. And they made the food right there in the school kitchen. NO prepackaged and then reheated corn dogs or mystery meat burgers for us!

    1968 school assembly - for the girls it was mandatory. We all wore skirts - no jeans.

    Had to buy these every year for school.

    Vintage Ingraham School Clock.

    I remember it well from school days and the way it smelled in the office from the ink.

    Vintage School Scissors...

    Old School Paper Cutter. Scary.

    Polly Flinders Dress: I usually wore one of these on the first day of school

    Antique-Vintage 1940's Oak School Desk-Chair

    school dress ... girls could not wear slacks

    Tetherball on the playground

    Vintage School Cafeteria Trays

    Music class in elementary school.

    Shorthand was taught in high school in the 60's but only the girls took that class. Now days, kids can't even write in cursive...things have certainly changed!

    Sears catalog, 1970. ....

    Big Chief Pencil Tablets

    vintage school supplies - gummed patches

    Getting one of these shiny stars on a good paper or assignment...that was the BEST feeling! The teacher had to lick these ...they were not self-stick back in the day.