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you had to have a ticket for school lunch and milk

Remember school paste? There was always that one kid in class that ate it...

I could not go to school without my Pee-Chee folder. Boredom in class made for some pretty interesting Pee-Chee doodles. I agree...

Our school lunch were on these kind of trays. And they made the food right there in the school kitchen.

A pinner writes: 1968--school assembly- look at all those skirts. No jeans. Clean and combed hair. This was everyday look. This is how you dressed for school. Baby boomers time.

School Lunch Ticket-In elementary I went to a school that passed out metal slugs which we had to turn in for our meal in the cafeteria. - MCBL

Mimeograph machine - Teachers would use this to print worksheets for the class. If you were lucky, they were at your desk fresh and COLD and smelling wonderful!! Someone should have bottled that smell! --- and that purple color :)

Old School Paper Cutter. Used one many times. Ha - as a former teacher I can say a lot of public schools still have and use these!!!