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In this digital age, we all have like eleventy-twenty passwords to remember huh? (Yes, eleventy-twenty IS SO a number, just ask my 5-year-old.) So uh, how do you remember all those usernames/passwo…

The Best Books of 2012: Your 10 Overall Favorites

I'm always peeking about. I've had people mention to me that it irritates them. next time I'm leaving them at home. jh

"... and that's why I can't but help have high expectations. (Sure, I've been hugely disappointed and will continue to be...) But I give my all and live my all in the things that matter; or what's a life for? If you expect nothing from a child, that is what he will expect and achieve for himself ~ nothing!" ~js

Wake up and smell the corruption and loss of freedom! America is being Transformed into a 3rd World Country. Charity starts at home. SAVE AMERICA from Obama's TRANSFORMATION!

Photo (The Good Vibe)

"What's bad for your heart is good for your art." #artisticquotes | #photographytalk #sotrue

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You just can't give up and can't give in to the demons. Surround yourself with people who will bring you happiness and support you in your journey, Not people who try to keep you from the place you want to be. Not selfish people who only want what they want without a thought or care for anyone their actions may affect

Pick Your Hard.

this is on the wall at my gym and seeing it for the first time was a lightbulb moment for sure!