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States of Depression

States of Depression - The federal government has been pursuing what amount to contractionary policies as the last vestiges of the Obama stimulus fade out, but the big cuts have come at the state and local level. These state and local cuts have led to a sharp fall in both government employment and government spending on goods and services, exerting a powerful drag on the economy as a whole.

Off the Charts: Shrinking Government The government sector of the economy shrank during the first three years of the Obama administration, but the private sector grew more rapidly than it did during the first three years of either of George W. Bush’s terms in office.

Sanders and O’Malley Challenge Clinton On Foreign Policy And Economics In Second Democratic Debate. Clinton defense amounts to a noun, a verb, a gender reference, and 9/11. Clinton also distorts issues including gun control, Medicare for All, and paying for college education.


Testosterone Pit - Home - How Big Is “BIG”

Testosterone Pit - Home - How Big Is “BIG”

Ronald Reagan triples the deficit and gets 18 clean debt ceiling increases. Barack Obama cuts the deficit in half and gets compared to Hitler.

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The Chart That Should Accompany All Discussions of the Debt Ceiling

How the deficits were accumulated

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Little recovery for state and local jobs

Slow job growth in the recovery is being driven by the lost of public sector jobs - jobs that are disproportionately held by women.

What Are Economic Bubbles? - What is one of the most exciting phenomenon of finance and economics? That's right - bubbles. Periods of hype, euphoria, mass hysteria, and case studies in crowd psychology - economic bubbles represent the extremes of some of the fundamental forces that drives the financial system, and the real economy. Through history there has been a wide array of bubbles; the tulip bubble, the 1920's stock market boom, and of course the dot com boom.

Houston, we have a problem ... if that is not parabolic I dont know what is. Key acceleration dates .. 1980, 2002, 2008.