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Silver-Foxy Linda Rodin's NYC Apartment

A few months ago, we came across an article about a woman who not only made this editor want to tab the page...but also rip it out for safe keeping. Truth is, you just don't see eternally cool women like this everyday, and when you do, you want to know everything about them. The subject in

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Linda Rodin, owner and creator of RODIN olio lusso (Italian for luxury oil) has the motto "Never too old for anything!" awesome!! love her!!!

Linda Rodin-In her sixties today, Rodin is the model of spare elegance. She says of herself, “I really don't spend too much time getting ready! I like to be out the door in no time.“

Step 4: Become a Linda Rodin. I hope that throughout my life in my fashion career I will end up as awesome as she is.

I don't mind growing old if I could look as good as Linda Rodin!

Linda Rodin- a testament that you can age gracefully and beautifully and still retain a sense of fun and funky style.