Linda Rodin - "I got the 'Christine' tattoo less than a month after my sister passed away on December 17, 2010. I also have a similar tattoo, Nick, on my inner right wrist, which I got for my nephew when he was in the army in Iraq. He's now home safe, and it kept me going while he was in harm's way for 3 years."

Love the hat and the lovely hair - she's got style.

97 Skinny jeans oversized sweater and scarf.

Sky Ferreira

Jean Shrimpton, 1960's with French hairdresser Alexandre.

Julie Christie at 68.

LINDA RODIN!!!! Advanced Style for Karen Walker.

ADVANCED STYLE: After The Shoot: Linda Rodin - looking great in jeans and a white shirt

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Valerie is a 72 year old model with Ben Barry Agency Inc.

carmen dell'orefice

look at the door way, look at the GREAT stripped skirt (love), look a the shoes! linda rodin

tailorsinmotion: At 65, Linda Rodin’s career has just taken off. Her beauty has a cult following that includes Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s had a recent spread for J.Crew, and she’s constantly featured on the blog Advanced Style. We hope we’ll age that gracefully! Post by M.L.

The perfect match: Karen Walker and Advanced Style.

Daphane Selfe an 84-year-old Supermodel, beautiful and refined. She's been walking catwalks since 1957. - Keiko Meunier

lovely 80 year old