Linda Rodin - "I got the 'Christine' tattoo less than a month after my sister passed away on December 17, 2010. I also have a similar tattoo, Nick, on my inner right wrist, which I got for my nephew when he was in the army in Iraq. He's now home safe, and it kept me going while he was in harm's way for 3 years."


Daphne Self, 83 years old,



the glasses!

I hope I'm this cool at 70.

Linda Rodin

"I am an avid collector of all bits and pieces." - Linda Rodin. I hope to be this fabulous when I grow up!

Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek...80 years young!

Gretchen Schields and Suzi Click

Daphane Selfe an 84-year-old Supermodel, beautiful and refined. She's been walking catwalks since 1957. - Keiko Meunier


The perfect match: Karen Walker and Advanced Style.

Karen Walker Advance Style.

The No Doubt singer tied her signature blonde hair into punky looking style with two buns


Worlds oldest supermodel 85 year-old Daphne Selfe. At the age of 70, she appeared in Vogue. The high-cheekboned British beauty, who still gets paid top dollar to pose for fashion houses like Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana, credits good genes, her long silver hair and a willingness to resist the surgeon’s knife.

look at the door way, look at the GREAT stripped skirt (love), look a the shoes! linda rodin

Yasmina Rossi ~ INCREDIBLE set of photos! What a beautiful expression of being happy in your own skin { + hair, even though it's gray! } <3 adore!

Carmen Dell'Orefice born June 3, 1931 Was muse to Salvador Dali at age 13, the cover of Vogue at age 15 in 1947. Now at age 80, the picture of elegance and beauty for 67 years and still in demand.