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Pottery Barn! Add an artful element to the bath by placing favorite scented soaps or potpourri in these intricately patterned dishes. Each is carefully cast from brass by skilled artisans, then painted and engraved using traditional Indian techniques.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect homemade play-do for a while. So far, I’ve been unimpressed. Yesterday while making something completely different I discovered the perfect dough! …

Etihad There’s an interesting story behind Etihad’s limited-edition kits. The airline worked with Sougha, a social enterprise initiative that’s preserving the Emirati heritage and promoting local artisans, to produce their travel kits. The kits feature patterns of Sadou, an ...

Perhaps you want a sugar scrub but have something specific in mind? This listing is for you! You have the ability to play Willy Wonka & create a custom blended sugar scrub that tickles your fancy, & all you have to do is pick your preferences. $16 on #Etsy #JBOrganicHairRemoval #OrganicSugarScrub #Customsugarscrub #Pickyourownscent #Pickyourowngrain #Pickyourownscrub #Customizedscrub #Personalsugarscrub #Personalizedscrub #Handmadesugarscrub #Homemadesugarscrub #Customblendscrub…

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Soap - 4 for 24 Homemade Soap, Natural Soap, Vegan Soap, Handmade Soap

$20.00 for 4 handcrafted, natural soaps by EmilysHandmadeSoaps. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Use coupon code PIN10 for 10% off of your order

As well as other local soaps and cleaning products, organic, green, yummy- We will have normal hours, odd hours for those passing thru Centreville and by appointment