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Speak & Spell, which debuted in the late 70s but hit its heyday in the 80s was one of those learning toys which we really didn’t mind getting for Christmas.

I can still hear the old robotic voice, lol....this was OUR iPad (or Leapfrog, lol)

Speak & Spell! We had the red one, and as the batteries slowly died, he sounded more and more demonic.

Who needed a iPhone when we had speak n spells! Ha! 1980s Electronic Games

Speak & Spell- it's the reason I can spell anything....wish I could buy one!

loved, loved, LOVED my Speak and Spell.... and kept it... it's very annoying when my kids play with it actually...

Old School Speak 'n' Spell - OMG, I am not sure who loved this more 25 years ago, my parents or me. $50 bucks and you can own this 1980's gem!

The Fraggles happy meal toys! :) I think there are still some of these at my grandparents house lol

Got one as a kid and was fascinated by the little claymation figures and scenery in the stories!! So . . . I got each of my daughters one. Guess what? They had little to no interest in them!! I am still baffled by their lack of enthusiasm!! :oD

Alphie! Its crazy how you run.across something you haven't seen in 25 years and can instantly remember it

these were my number one favourite toys.....i collected these and still have many of them put away.