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Funny pictures about The True Avenger. Oh, and cool pics about The True Avenger. Also, The True Avenger photos.

Plongeurs Olympiques

Funny pictures about Olympic divers on the toilet. Oh, and cool pics about Olympic divers on the toilet. Also, Olympic divers on the toilet.

Personne n'est immunisé contre le  cancer du sein

Nobody is immune to breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month. Best breast cancer awareness ad ever.

I love how he totally ignores her ignorant suggestion that he could possibly be talking about her breasts (honestly woman, have you met Tom Hiddleston?), and goes right on being the totally perfect gentleman *cough*prince*cough* that he is.

Tom Hiddleston Spoke Russian On A TV Interview.

If you need another reason to love Tom Hiddleston here it is…Chelsea Handler is a Pisces. We know how to handle men and end a Cold War.

Video Game Logic

Funny pictures about Video Game Logic. Oh, and cool pics about Video Game Logic. Also, Video Game Logic photos.

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Funny pictures about Imagine these Hunger Games. Oh, and cool pics about Imagine these Hunger Games. Also, Imagine these Hunger Games.

The 12 Days Of Marvel, Re-Uploaded With Number Four....sort Of

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Oh my gosh! I shall now respect the visual effect artists more than the actors or director!

Some people are epic. (Although, this is a perfect example of why I think Life of Pi shouldn't have been nominated for anything other than best animation. I'm a hater, but only when it comes to that movie.) I have mad respect for visual effects artists!