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Fantasy in Blue - As with all fantasy the unexpected becomes reality, if you can allow your mind to venture into a world of imagination. Blue roses are commonplace, cats and antlered hares can soar in a moonlit sky, and fairies hitch a lift with a passing moth. A maiden of the forest looks on in awe at the realm revealed as she peals back the petals of a magic rose. They are all drawn by the mystical light, summoned to embark on a mysterious adventure.

Pansy artwork by Josephine Wall...very beautiful♥


Oliver Gal 'The Peacock' Canvas Art by Oliver Gal

The Aesop for Children illustrated by Milo Winter (by docarelle via Flickr)

Honeysuckle - Tender trumpets of sweetest honey wind their vines up garden walls, sharing their essence with birds and bees, bringing contentment to one and all