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1983: A Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 carrying 269 passengers and crew bound from New York to Seoul violates Soviet airspace near Sakhalin Island and is shot down the morning of September 1 by an air-to-air missile fired from a Soviet fighter jet. All aboard are killed. Moscow insists the airliner was on a US spy mission.

US Air Force First Lieutenant being held captive by a young North Vietnamese girl, Vietnam War, 1967

Finnish Air Force Brewster B-239.

1955 Map Shows No-Go Zones for Soviet Travelers in the U.S. // "These restrictions mirrored Soviet constraints on American travel to the USSR. Both the United States and the Soviet Union had closely controlled the movement of all foreign visitors since World War II." // Also: The War Game That Almost Led To Nuclear Armageddon  www.foreignpolicy...

The Cuban Missile Crisis began on Sunday October 14, 1962 when a United States Air Force U-2 aircraft on a photo-reconnaissance mission captured photographic evidence of Soviet missile bases under construction in Cuba. The United States considered attacking Cuba via air and sea, and settled on a military "quarantine" of Cuba.

Secret Soviet Radio Telescope. Closed Town. Irbene | Cold war sites

A group of American pilots of the 379th Fighter Squadron U.S. Air Force captured German Messerschmitt night fighter BF.110 G-4/R3. Lt. Robert Hagen tells his comrades about the last air battle.

Cold War Air Raid Drill ~ by GX Robinson. (Yes, we hid under our desks. So atomic bombs wouldn't kill us. I think now we were told to do this just so we wouldn't realize how vulnerable we were - so we wouldn't go mad thinking about it.)

Titan I Missile, Cordele, GA: A relic of the Cold War, this Titan I Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) stands nearly 100 feet tall beside I-75 at Cordele. Local Rotary Club president John S. Pate, Jr., requested the surplus missile be dismantled and flown to nearby Warner Robins Air Force Base. From there it was delivered by truck to its present site. It was also given the dubious distinction of being named Confederate Air Force Launch Pad No. 1.

A group of Russian urban explorers discovered a sealed building full of disused lab equipment and strange little glass jars. When they wiped the dust off, they found pickled brains in the jars, sealed up in an abandoned laboratory beneath Moscow. It was a long-forgotten relic of the Cold War, a secret Soviet installation that had been hastily abandoned for no apparent reason.

The Cold War -- A mother and her children made a practice run for their steel backyard fallout shelter in Sacramento, Calif., in 1961 |