September 1, 1983: Soviet Air Force Major Gennadi Osipovich, "piloting an Su-15 Flagon, shoots down Korean Air Lines 007, a Boeing 747-230B that had wandered off-course into Soviet airspace while flying from New York via Anchorage to Seoul." the Cold War

Cold War

This type of propaganda instills fear into people so that the government can do as they please because they convinced society that it is necessary. That is how the government gets away with going to war because the convince Americans to think that we have no choice.

Martin Luther King

1963. Mere moments after the devastating assassination of President Kennedy, the presidential photographer, Cecil Stoughton, snapped this image of Lyndon B Johnson being sworn in as the new president on board Air Force One. The event occurred mere hours after Kennedy was shot, the reason behind the haunting image of the visibly distraught Jackie Kennedy.

Front Cover Space Race in TIME During the Cold War the Soviet Union and the United States were competing in everything

The Red baron

A dangerous woman in the most literal sense, Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina was a sniper in the WWII Soviet Army. She racked up at least 54 kills of German soldiers before her death from wounds at age 20. She served part of the time in an all-woman sniper unit. Before the war she worked as a kindergarten teacher.

Para-frag bombs fall toward a camouflaged Imperial Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-21, “Sally” medium bomber, during an attack by the US Army Fifth Air Force against Old Namlea airport on Buru Island, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), on October 15, 1944. A few seconds after this picture was taken the aircraft was engulfed in flames. The design of the para-frag bomb enabled low flying bombing attacks to be carried out with higher accuracy.

Duck and cover and don't look at the blast -School nuclear bomb drill during the Cold War.

First Test Tube Baby/1978

From Once Upon A Time In War; cold war test site

Thank God for the Atomic Bomb!

The Cold War raged on through the 60's as the US and the Soviet Union faced off for nuclear supremacy.

December 7, 1941

US Air Force First Lieutenant being held captive by a young North Vietnamese girl, Vietnam War, 1967


A promo poster for Dr. Martin Luther King to give a speech on the day of his death. A great man taken from us but his sense for equality and cooperation lives on.

"On November 18, 1978 912 followers of American cult leader Jim Jones ("Peoples Temple") died in a remote South American jungle compound called "Jonestown" in British Guyana. Some members were shot, others were forced to drink poison, but most willingly participated in what Jones said was an act of "revolutionary suicide.""

Cold War Propaganda.....when you compare the two, it seems the us gov smothered us with prop way worse than moscow...besides, is this pamphlet "informative"? stop, drop, roll, and then reasemble your disintegrated corpse?