Clear bathtub? Neat

This is pure brilliance. I would LOVE to have a slide in my house. Love this dude's expression.

sunken bath tub = mini pool in your bathroom!

Nearly 3-Foot Deep Master Bath Tub

I am in love with this bathtub! :)

No effing way. I want one. Smart Hydro smart bathtub keeps your bathwater from getting cold and cleans itself!

shower and tub in one


black white & gray bathroom. Love the tub!!

Small-Bathroom Solution

nice big shower with a seat

Fireplace tub

tub in shower-kids can splash and swim as much as they want! This is a brilliant idea for adults too. Whenever I take a bubble bath I end up wanting to shower off at the end. This way you can just step out of the tub and shower off.---- genius. If I ever build a house it will have this.

glass front tub

I actually like this tub!

love the mirror, bath, and Aqua!!

Bathtub for two, overflows into the shower

Double tub