So clever! DIY: Bird bath using shallow ceramic bowl, grapevine wreath & copper wire. In the spring, add bits of fabric & string within the grapevine for nest building.

Great idea !!

rain chain... these are so pretty.

Potted Ponds Mini Water Garden

Put yarn scraps out in a suet feeder so birds can find them and use them to build their nests. You might see a nest in a tree with some of your yarn in it!

Bird Feeder A flower pot is glued between two clay saucers (different sizes) then set inside a hanging basket, one saucer for seed and one for water.

Super teacup idea - my mom just gave me a cup and saucer to use for the Fairy Garden. Now, I need a plan on what to do with it! And, to get the bag of moss out of their basement.

Easy Bird Baths

cute! and it keeps the food dry.

Flower pot wall

DIY Butterfly Bird Feeder - Projects to Bring The Outdoors to Life!

LOVE this idea

lamps made from wire baskets and solar lights. I have a few of these shephard's hooks, it never occurred to me to hang lights from them

#bird house

great family craft project

10 vegetables you can grow in the shade

~'Bridal Wreath' Spirea - this is extremely easy to grow and will eventually spread a bit.