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Coffee Art - Donald Duck!

Donald Duck Latte' Coffee Art - it may not inspire you but it inspires me - so there!

Coffee Latte Flying Horse

101 Creative Coffee Latte Art Designs That Will Energize You Just By Looking

A compilation of amazing coffee art by various artists. Coffee art is quite amazing, and there are actually competitions for it.

Donald Duck hot air balloon. I wanna take a ride in this.

1987 Donald Duck had a hot-air balloon created of his likeness dubbed the ZIP-A-DEE-DOO DUCK. Weighing 446 pounds and created by the same company, ZIP-A-DEE-DOO DUCK weighed 50 percent more than the EARFORCE ONE. Donald’s bill was ethnic long and wide.

Thumbs Up!

Japanese barista Kazuki Yamamoto creates amazing latte art for visitors of in Osaka. Besides the foamy milk sculptures, Yamamoto also makes some incredible flat latte art.

Café lila

There's nothing like beautiful latte art to make your coffee even better!