A huge list of books that can be integrated into math lessons! The list is even divided by math topic. :)

huge list of cute books for teaching math

Printable games for all subjects

Cute math anchor charts.

Exploring Area and Perimeter with Cheez-Its. Fun (and yummy!) math lesson!

100 Books About Math for Kids - Great list! Fiction and Non-Fiction - Covers counting, shapes, money, time, addition, multiplication, division, geometry, logic, and more!

a list of the best picture books to help teach math

To encourage children's maths concepts in useful and fun ways, because play matters, here are 20 useful math games.

wow - living math - learning math through read aloud literature. great book lists. lesson plans.

Living Math Books: Reading for Math - A huge list of living math books!

Oh how I love some math with Legos

Homemade Alphabet Book

Songs to teach math concepts.

Living Math Book List

This is a great website! There are over 150 digital books! Really good books! All free!

Cool! Comparing Weight: use magazine cut outs! - Use for mass. This will go with one of my math lessons!

MADS (multiply, add, divide, or subtract) -- roll two die, perform a math computation, and flip over a cap when you get that answer. The first to flip over all caps wins!

Great list of math games and puzzles

Great list - develop as a class as the year goes on and you teach different strategies!

Top 10 books that teach fractions to kids

LEGO Math Ideas