These two could *almost* pass for Camryn and Andrew in THE EDGE OF NEVER:

Couple embracing - their shoulders and arms form 2 overlapping hearts - black and white photo

Romantic love, according to Bioideology, lasts 6-24 months. It may get transformed into an oxytocin-based long-term attachment. Romantic love is a time period to develop intimate relationships & start having sex, which is one of the main sources of oxytocin. Romantic love is a form of a obsessive compulsive disorder, driven by low serotonin, high dopamine & adrenaline. Wait 6-24 months for romantic love to become a long-term attachment & only then make a decision to marry or to have a child!

Moral sex, according to Bioideology, is directly related to either creating a new family or maintaining an existing one. Sex is one of the major sources of hormones oxytocin & vasopressin that create a mental bond between a man & a woman. It is a source of pleasure hormones dopamine, serotonin, & endorphins. They create an positive reinforcement for a man and a woman to stay together to fulfill their moral duty of extending their family lines. Casual sex, one-night stands & hookups are immor...

jessica janae photography couple boudoir tattoo

All that was left was their shoes

It would definitely be cool to get a pic like this........just saying

Echo NittoLitto - Claudia Susana

The look on his face is so wonderfully honest. He’s taking care of her and holding her and concentrating on what he has in his arms. Not my comment and THIS PHOTO IS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING AND SOUL MELTING!!!! Yes I said soul melting!!!! =3


Couples Boudoir Photography. This is beautiful, I'd like to incorporate that into a maternity shoot.


just playing arpund

wanna do somethin like that with my husband



kiss Happy couple embracing, laughing and smiling, and being in love.

My fav shot from my husband and mines Sexy Boudior photo session ! all thanks to our AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER @Allie Mallard. You seriously made us look like models I love you