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    Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly) - Yahoo! She Philippines

    • Vivian Tecson

      STICKY HOISIN LIEMPO (PORK BELLY) ~Serving Size: 2-3 people~ For those of you who live in an apartment, grilling is sadly not an option. This recipe is a great alternative—the liempo is marinated and then pan-fried and basted in a sweet-savory sauce. ~Ingredients~ 500 grams grill-cut pork belly (liempo) 2T soy sauce 2T hoisin sauce 2T sugar Vegetable oil A couple of sprigs cilantro (wansoy) and green onions/chives for garnish~~

    • AsianDate

      Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly) - Food Recipe Share and enjoy! #asiandate

    • Nylrac Saitam

      Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly) Spring time is bbq time!

    • Trinicia Perch

      Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly) - Yahoo! She Philippines

    • Elyssa Bianca

      Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly). Ooooh looks so yummeh!

    • Stephenie Santos

      Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly) - oooooh Wow! 😅

    • Yennie Yen

      Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly)..♥

    • Honey Arreglo

      sticky hoisin pork belly

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    Inihaw na Liempo is known as Grilled Pork Belly in Filipino. This dish needs no introduction at all because the name of the dish already introduces itself. Inihaw na Liempo is also a popular and favorite dish in the Philippines; in fact, there were several dishes that makes use of this dish as its component.

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    Grilled pork belly or inihaw na liempo is another simple and popular mouth-watering grilled dish. This is usually made of pork belly(liempo) marinated then grilled until done. Serve with soy sauce, calamansi juice and red chili then usually served as finger food or pulutan.

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