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Sticky Hoisin Liempo (Pork Belly) - Yahoo! She Philippines

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Grill It - Inihaw na Liempo (Grilled Marinated Pork) Recipe | Good Food Blog

Salu Salo Recipesfrom Salu Salo Recipes

Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Pork Spring Roll)

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Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

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Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Pork Spring Roll) #recipe Be sure to check out more great recipes at:

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Twice Cooked Pork (Huí Guō Ròu)

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Twice cooked pork. Modifications to make it easier: left out garlic scapes and just used a ton of green onion/scallions, mushrooms, and cabbage, and subbed the tianmianjiang with hoisin sauce. Also, only refrigerated the pork for 10 minutes. Still turned out delicious! Because I had it on hand, I added just a little bit of some spicy, jarred, shredded bamboo. Man, that was good.

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Moo Ping

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Moo ping is one of the favorite Thai street foods. Marinated grilled pork served with sticky rice.

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Asian Glazed

Savory Sweet Asian Glazed Pork Kabobs, heavenly with a side of fresh grilled pineapple! #porkkabobs #asianglazed

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Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc

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Sampaloc Sinigang

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"Sinagang na Liempo Sa Sampaloc" Sinigang is a Filipino sour soup dish composed of either meat or seafood.The common meats used to make this dish are pork and beef while fish and shrimps are two of the common seafood ingredients. Aside from meat and seafood, this dish is also comprised of different local vegetables that are available whole year long.

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Caramel Pork Belly

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Caramel Pork Pork Belly Recipe

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Lechon Liempo (Filipino-Style Roasted Pork Belly)

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Roasted Pork Belly Lechon

Lechon Liempo

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Lechon liempo takes the tastiest portion of the swine—the belly—and gives it the slow-roasted treatment that results in succulent meat and crackling skin. It's enough to just roll up a piece of belly and put it on the spit, but I took the extra step of seasoning the inside with garlic paste.

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How to Make Tonkatsu Sauce: sweet & spicy sauce goes beautifully w/ Japanese katsu (fried pork or chicken cutlets). Also used in many Japanese food recipes


Crispy Pork Belly (Siu Yuk)

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Crispy Pork Belly (Siu Yuk) (not sure when I will use this recipe but I always loved it when the kitchen made this for the staff meals!) DONE

Simply Deliciousfrom Simply Delicious

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Belly Caramelized

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Caramel Pork Belly... link for the recipe:!prettyPhoto/0/

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How to roast pork belly

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Crisp crunchy crackling and soft tender meat - it's hard to resist the appeal of slow-cooked belly pork.

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Korean Style Spicy Pork Belly

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Korean Style Spicy Pork Belly As a substitute for gochugang--Per tablespoon - Make a paste of 1 tablespoon red chili pepper flakes moistened with soy sauce and add a little sugar.

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{the perfect…} chinese pork belly | The Kitchen Inc.

kawaling pinoyfrom kawaling pinoy

Lechon Kawali

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Lechon Kawali is a popular Filipino pork belly dish simmered until tender and then deep-fried until golden and crisp

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Red Wine Caramelized Pork Belly

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Is there anything better than a perfectly cooked piece of pork belly? Want to know how to make this foodie fave at home?

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Jamie Oliver's Crispy Skin Pork Belly

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Kusina Master Recipes: Roasted Pork Belly “Lechon”