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Kyle Bean's creations will make you stop, look and wonder why you didn't think of it first. Amazing.

Egg Shell Chicken UK designer and model artist Kyle Bean has created an ironic project called What Came First? – a visual pun based on the saying, by crafting a chicken from egg shells.

which came first? (by kyle bean)

The cycle is complete now.

Chicken made of egg shells What Came First the Chicken or the Egg - Kyle Bean, EIGA Design via yatzer : from the book EAT, Design with Food

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The Lightbulb Typography Sculpture by Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean for Time Magazine.

Windows at Selfridges London. Shows old books on one side and a castle made of papir from old books on the other.

Kyle Bean's Selfridges Windows

Selfridges: Transformation A series of 5 window displays inspired by the law of conservation of mass: 'Matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed'.

Anatomical Paper Heart by Kyle Bean

Anatomical Paper Heart by Kyle Bean

Mens Health 'heart'- created by Kyle Bean, paper craftsman. made from red and blue paper. A paper anatomical heart created for an article about heart disease in Mens Health Magazine

"Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder" by Nike Savvas.

'Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder' 2005 installation by artist Nike Savvas at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

Robinson on Creativity: -anyone can be creative given the correct circumstances 3 -developed 4 -not just free expression 5 -not just found in the arts 3 -"possible whenever we're using our intelligence" 4  I thought this was a beautiful and creative way to depict a gorilla with some of its unique characteristics.

Funny pictures about Sculpture Of A Gorilla Made From Colored Pencils. Oh, and cool pics about Sculpture Of A Gorilla Made From Colored Pencils. Also, Sculpture Of A Gorilla Made From Colored Pencils photos.

Artist Kyle Bean:Bird Flu Ready to Explode

Bird Flu ready to explode

A sculpture of a mushroom cloud made from feathers for an article on the threat of bird flu in the latest issue of Scientific American. By Kyle Bean, Photo: Sam Hofman.

Wooden toy iPhone

Cover and interior illustration for Computer Arts. Wooden toy phone - Kyle Bean, made in collaboration with Thomas Forsyth