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  • Kalissa Braga

    Santorini. Greece. Everything is romantic on Santorini. The white walls of the archipelagos houses, charming little streets, beautiful gardens, excellent cuisine, domestic wine, dazzling sea, golden cliffs, spectacular sunsets and fantastically relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere Santorini is our planets most beautiful jewel and truly a paradise for lovers.

  • Rai M

    The beautiful Greek islands can't wait to go back.

  • Barbara Thompson

    Who wouldn't want to go here? Santorini, Greece. This is on my bucket list! Anyone want to go?

  • Greece-Like No Other

    Santorini island in Greece is a new World’s Best no other! #santorini #greece

  • Emily Lane

    My favorite place- Santorini Greece

  • Nikki Styliades

    Santorini Greece. <3 one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

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I can see the rooftop where we were married. ♥ I think the pool is Hotel Aressana and the honeymoon suite is that level at the top.

- Santorini, Greece One day I will make it to Greece, has always been my dream place to travel to

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Had a drink with a friend on a terrace restaurant which had a very similar view when visiting Santorini in Greece. Yes the water is really that blue!