tree growing through the house.

Hacienda mx

Moon to Moon


Keeping your hearth and home safe ~ Kitchen witch

Western kitchen

Moon to Moon

Lovely tiny kitchen. Dishfunctional Designs: The Bohemian Kitchen

Tree table. Just a little obsessed with this.

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Moroccan themed bathroom using Turkish, Moroccan and Mexican tiles.

Turquoise is a #HomeGoodsHappy hue! Love this kitchen designed by Sawyer | Berson!

this is a beautiful space

Blue Mexican / Spanish kitchen

Please may I have this kitchen!!!

Woodland mansion @Hailey Phillips Phillips Phillips Phillips Aikins it's a night elf house!!

moroccan patio


Boho decor - THIS IS MY RUG IN CHARLESTON! (BOKHARA) - - All Turkmen rugs and carpets have geometric patterns. The repeated "Gul" motif (elephant footprint) is the main indication of Turkem rugs. Weavers in Turkmenistan use Turkish knots and these type of rugs are among the finest quality tribal rugs.... #loveofrugs #interiordesign #homefurnishings #rugs #decorating #homedecor #home #arear...

Mexican Tile #Kitchen