I like this colour combination for my Living Room and Dining room.

color stone

Brown, green, and a little bit of purple?

color palette

color field

color palette - artichoke bloomed

color palette


color fresh

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The traditional combination of gray, beige and brown colors in one palette. Warm tone emphasizes dark chocolate color and enhanced by light shades of brown. Harmonious and stylish combination of interior decoration cafe, restaurant or kitchen. Perfect solution for a wardrobe in the fall or winter.

autumn glow


lavender fields

'Wish Tones'

This scheme elegantly combines brown, dark-violet, beige, and copper shades. A bedroom decorated in this style will look trendy and very noble. If this des.

Find the palettes you love! What a cool website! Enter the amount of each color you want to look for - up comes pages of color palettes for you to choose from! Beautiful inspiration! Probably good colors for a bathroom ^_^

LOVE these colors together.. :)

color swim

more colors

Faceted Tones - http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/faceted-tones