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    • maryam shamsul

      Happiness forgiveness inspirational quote

    • Melissa Miller

      great thought to live by

    • Chelle Taylor

      Relationship / Marriage Truths - Actually this isn't true. I am ALWAYS the first to apologize. I am ALWAYS the first to forgive. And I am the only one who tries to forget, but yet you appear to be happier than me most of the time... perhaps it is because we live with your parents?

    • Casie Justice

      So true... Forgiveness = happiness

    • Laura Scheel

      so true! wisdom

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    What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?

    Jesus > Religion


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    Be impeccable with your word: have integrity, be honest, take responsibility, stop blaming, use your words to built and not destroy, there is power of life and death in your words, so use them wisely and cautiously... ~~Angela

    You can either be faith-filled, or fear-filled, either one or the other.. so if you're going through some difficulties know that this too shall pass, and you will emerge from it victoriously. Just believe, because the heavenly forces are already working things out for your benefit........ ♥ Angela from www.calligraphyby...

    The measure of your success is in direct proportion to the obstacles you're willing to overcome. Be brave! ~~Angela www.calligraphyby...

    Do all you can, and leave the rest to God. If it's ment to happen, it will. If it's not happening, that means God has something better in store for you, trust in Him. ~~Angela www.calligraphyby...

    .. because you can't take back a word once it's spoken.. you can't reverse a bad reaction.. you don't know the whole story to pass a judgment.. because only God knows what's best for your future, so talk to Him first.. and because you won't know what you are capable of achieving unless you give it an honest effort............. ♥ Angela from www.calligraphyby...

    People will judge others according to their own life, and while judging is wrong in the first place, it also says more about them than about you. Don't worry about those people, if they lived one day in your place, they'd be astounded, overwhelmed, surprised, and never ever judge you again... so for now, just forgive them for their ignorance............. Angela from www.calligraphyby...

    this makes me feel good.


    #miracles #quote

    Be grateful for everything you've got. Chances are there's someone who would love to be standing in your shoes.

    Agape Love

    »Hardships often prepare ordniary people for an extraordinary destiny.« – C.S. Lewis

    C.S. Lewis

    Micah 6:8

    "There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."