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Kid's Best Friend.

I can vouch for this Public Service Annoucement for Pitbulls

Pitbulls a kids best friend.our kids are best buds with our pits

Spider on the floor

"There was a spider on the floor!" [Given my own fear of spiders I might actually step into a toilet to get away from them!

Like and repin for morocho the bravest dog

An old, but still awesome story. Some places incorrectly say he is a Pit Bull. Pits are awesome, but in this case the credit has to go to the Dogo Argentino breed. things-that-make-me-smile


Little black pug puppy lying on floor. Click the pic for more awwww I want him!

That's pretty much the truth!

If Our Dog Doesn't Like You.Rustic Wood Wall Hanging this is so true and so funny

am i the only one who doesn't enjoy pictures of animals being made to look miserable so their person can post something?

Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

Absolute Truth

I had a boxer when I was a kid, her name was Duchess and she was my best friend

Cómo educar a un perro equilibrado

Dog startid It. It was me I let the dogs out. Get a dog they said It will be fun they said. Not sure If here because I'm losing

- Señor, ¿le apetece que le lea los resultados deportivos?

Monkey Bliss - a spa day

Just like my Shih Tzu puppy Cocoa!!! When I take a shower or use the bath room Cocoa sits on the other side of the door!!!!!

26 cosas importantes que solo una hermana mayor puede enseñarte

Both my shih tzus do this. I can't lock the door anymore cause if I do I can hear them banging into it from the other side.

Having fun

Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

I have pinned this human showing the love he has for his "family" member. This guy is my Hero.  I can only wish that he and I are not the only two who believe like this.  I learned in combat that you never leave "one of your own". I will never leave one of my own unless I die while trying to bring my entire family out with me. Amen.

People doing amazing things for animals Pictures): Yes, I am a softie. I cannot make it through these photos without crying. This is a beautiful example of the bond between humans and animals.

Give them the side eye

That's the face. Of untraind pitbulls

If only people were like that the world would be alright. Animals are so amazing!!!!

Through the good and the bad in life, at the end of the road there will always be your dog as your loyal best friend. This quote is so true in my life, I live for the simple things- and dogs are one of them.the love a dog:)

Found this picture of a French Shepherd.. Never seen a dog with such coat.: Beautiful Aussie, Pets Animals, Australian Shepherds, Aussie Dogs, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, Beautiful Dogs, Adorable Aussies

I love all my dogs! I thought I would share something wonderful to this site to bring a smile to those of us whose heart break with these horrible stories that are done to the animals we love and want to save and give a voice to.

there's no way anyone would be afraid of my pit....

Pit Bull Art Print

by PopDoggie on Etsy: Pit Bull Art Print - Beware Aggressive Snuggler My dog needs this warning.