Monster Munch - Popcorn, White Chocolate, Reese's Pieces, Candy Corn, & Peanuts.

The Ultimate School Party Treat: No cupcake rule at your school? No problem! Try this birthday cake flavored popcorn mix for your kid's next treat. Totally addictive!

cupid-crunch: popcorn, peanuts, m&m's, candy corn, cherrios, craisins, white chocolate

Christmas Crunch - 1/2 cup popping popcorn kernels, or 2 bags tender white popcorn, 1 (12 oz) bag Vanilla Candy Melts(Wilton), 1 1/3 cups broken pretzel pieces, 1 (12 oz) bag green and red M, Red, green and white Sprinkles

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dip | Easy Cookbook Recipes

Pink Popcorn for Valentine's Day ~ Easy as popping corn!

pumpkin popcorn ball treats

Awesome treat: White Chocolate,M, Pretzel Sticks..

Monster Cookies

Candy Corn Pudding Pops

Chocolate-Covered Candy Corn Pretzels - the perfect blend of salty & sweet! #candycorn #halloweentreats #

Pretzel Hugs by sallysbakeblog

Chocolate-dipped marshmallows for Halloween.

Halloween Oreo Bark. Oh my. I might have to try this one out.

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Halloween Chex Mix...

White Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn

Easter Candied Popcorn... Popcorn, white chocolate bark, Easter M&M's, broken pretzel sticks, and sprinkles. Sweet and savory!