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    This talks about the process and terminology of metalsmithing in Medieval times.

    Medieval England

    Medieval, Bristol, England

    Matthew Paris. The most detailed of four maps drawn to accompany his chronicles c.1300. The oldest surviving medieval map from England and the largest, most detailed and most perfectly preserved medieval map in the world.

    Medieval#MedievalJousting #JustJoustIt

    Medieval Castle, England

    Medievalworlds, historical reconstructions and CG content. A good visual reference for picturing life in Medieval times.

    Medieval Abbey's in England

    Cooking & Dining in Medieval England

    From the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. England, 2009.

    Ancient Medieval clock in Wells, Somerset Cathedral

    In Medieval England, the church had great power over people's lives. Everyone was a member of the church and believed it to be right. If they did not attend church they could be punished or face heavy fines. There was a church in every village or community

    Ancient Rows of early Medieval houses

    Hippocamp and other sea monsters, from a medieval Bestiary.

    Letter from Elizabeth to Edward VI-EXCERPT: Probably written in 1553, when the future Queen of England was 20 years old, Elizabeth’s letter reveals the personal costs behind the power struggles of the troubled Tudor dynasty. She tells her young half-brother, Edward VI, how she had tried to visit him during what would prove his final illness, but had been turned away.

    Ancient clock in the north transept, of Wells Cathedral (Somerset, England), ca. 1390. It is the second oldest working clock in the world and the oldest clock that still has its original dials. In addition to hours and minutes, the it shows the number of days since a new moon. A group of figures emerge and rotate on the quarter hour - a knight is unhorsed by a lance.

    a detail from Bayeux Tapestry, Bayeux, France: embroidered more than 925 years ago, entire piece is nearly 230' long by 20" wide, celebrating events previous to the Norman invasion of England, the Battle of Hastings in 1066, and the coronation of William the conqueror as England's monarch (circa 1028-1087).


    Mahogany medicine chest, England, 1801-1900

    Medieval shoe