Costs of Living in Medieval Times

This talks about the process and terminology of metalsmithing in Medieval times.

Medieval England

Medieval tile

Penshurst Place, Kent - the huge medieval Baron's Hall. This is where Anne of Cleves lived after annulment from her marriage to King Henry VIII. The original medieval house is one of the most complete examples of 14th-century domestic architecture in England surviving in its original location.

Medieval, Bristol, England

Matthew Paris. The most detailed of four maps drawn to accompany his chronicles c.1300. The oldest surviving medieval map from England and the largest, most detailed and most perfectly preserved medieval map in the world.

Medievalworlds, historical reconstructions and CG content. A good visual reference for picturing life in Medieval times.

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Medieval Castle, England

Cooking & Dining in Medieval England

King of England funeral masks at Tower of London

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Postman making a delivery ~ Kinver, Great Britain 1935

Medieval Gardens

Ancient Medieval clock in Wells, Somerset Cathedral

Head of Odin A 9th century pendant from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England.

Ancient Rows of early Medieval houses

Letter from Elizabeth to Edward VI-EXCERPT: Probably written in 1553, when the future Queen of England was 20 years old, Elizabeth’s letter reveals the personal costs behind the power struggles of the troubled Tudor dynasty. She tells her young half-brother, Edward VI, how she had tried to visit him during what would prove his final illness, but had been turned away.

Medieval chimney, The Manor, Preston Plucknett, Nr Yeovil

Mahogany medicine chest, England, 1801-1900

Fishpool Hoard, Nottinghamshire, England. Items date from around 1464