first date hair

first date hair

Move your hair away from your face, here are simple up-dos to try this summer

How to wear your hair with an A-Line Dress. keep hair up and off of your shoulders, so it's kept away from the silhouette of the dress and allows the focus to be on the waist.

How to wear a head scarve

Amazing Fashion DIY – 12 Head Wrap Scarf Tutorials In Less Than 7 Minutes -...

Gypsy Inspired Headwraps head scarves, scarf worn on the head with style

TIPS + TRICKS of the curling wand.


Things you should keep in mind when using your curling wand: DO leave a little space in between the hair each time you wrap it around the barrell. That gives you a more relaxed wave.

40's is my fav, 80's is by far the worst.

Seriously, what happened to women's hair in the 80's?

Perfecting The High Twist Pin Chignon

30 braids in 30 days A twist on the french twist. Day 22 of the Hair Romance hairstyle challenge - Messy high twist and pin chignon Long bob.

Modern version - 1940s 1950s victory rolls pin up wavy long hair style vintage retro

20 Elegant Retro Hairstyles 2017 - Vintage Hairstyles for Women

These old-fashioned hairstyles have never gone out of the trends for women. They are being very popular today with their chic look. We can always see many celebrities went for the retro hairstyles as their glamorous red carpet …

5 Easy Second Day Hair Ideas

Side Twist Pony Easy Updo (messy) Two-Minute Tuck Break Out the Headbands Lovely Easy Hairstyle (braid headband using your own hair) .::Pin Your Best Hair & Beauty ::.

hair dilemma--cut if or actually do something with it?!

The Paperback of the The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook: With over 40 step-by-step picture tutorials and haircare Tips by Abby Smith at Barnes & Noble.