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At First I was afraid, I was petrified...

Geek Love Sign-Geek Valentine-Wedding-Wall Decor-Doctor Who-Star Wars-Supernatural-Harry Potter--Firefly/Serenity-Superwholock

  • Kaitlyn Carroll

    I don't know most of those

  • Jodi C.

    what I love about this is that it includes romantic pairs as well as platonic pairs. So many people assume that platonic love can't be as strong or meaningful as romantic love, but this treats them as equals, as it should. Merlin and Arthur love each other platonically just as much as Zoe and Wash love each other romantically.

  • Samantha Patterson

    I know 9 out of 12 of these. Is that good enough to make me a geek?

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I love a normal person!

been trying to make this joke for ages! SherKhan - bwaaaaahahaha!!!!

  • Artsy Chick

    The fact that Benedict is going to play Sher Khan in a new Jungle Book movie is the best part about this!!!

I did this last week oh my God I CRIED..... only in Doctor Who can the first time you meet someone be the day she dies...

This is one of my favorite parts of that season simply because it explains America so well.

And if you don't know who these men are in the pictures I need to reevaluate our friendship!

Ahh! So true can't wait!!

Oh, yes, please, that, or bring me to Narnia.

"Ultimate Moments in Geekdom: When you look at a dwarf & think, "I'd hit that.""

  • Kristen Perry

    Yeah...I wasn't expecting him. My poor boyfriend had to listen to both me and his mom going on about how hot Thorin was. :)

  • Leah Watson

    He's one of the few men who I think is pretty dang sexy with a beard... And his voice? Butter chocolate and women melt when that man speaks! Not to mention when he sings! (Seriously! I nearly had to strap myself to my chair to keep from melting out of it!) <sigh!>

  • Kristen Perry

    However...even though we saw him as a dwarf, he's not really one. Seriously...he's 6'2". They did a pretty good job of hiding that!

  • Kari Kunz

    I think him and Benedict Cumberbatch have the sexiest voices out there. When I went to see The Hobbit the Demolition of Smaug, I never thought I'd get turned on my the voice of a dragon....

  • Michele Williams

    something to be said for Englishmen!!

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