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A very courageous little dog saved all her babies during a fire, by bringing them one by one from a burning house to the steps of the firefighters' truck. Bravo little one! ♥

"Many people remember a fallen soldier as a person in uniform. Sometimes that soldier is the four legged friend who saved your life by being a bomb-sniffing dog and finding the IED and warns you about it before it explodes. This is a sad but beautiful picture of pure respect for 2 fallen heroes."

Best friends for 2 1/2 years. My heart just melted into a puddle.
from 9GAG

Best friends for 2 1/2 year


Dog’s Tear Jerking Reaction To Being Rescued 1hr Before Euthanization

from BuzzFeed

The 50 Happiest Animals In The Entire World

"Happinessnis Just a Thing in Your Mind.Don't Give it Up.It is Your Only Free Spirit.The Only Thing is If Ur Married Don't Cheat on Your Husband or Wife!" -Me