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His grandma would have loved a Harry Potter theme, lol. I can't help but think a little unique given he will be born around Halloween! We'll stack the HP books underneath him.

Thought of you Kim F.  - if you have another little one you should do this :)

Baby in big nerd glasses asleep on a pile of books. So cute. Totally going to have to do this with my future kids, like mama, like baby - book worm!

foto bebe linda

Fotos lindas de bebê em casa!

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this is adorable.

I'm reading a book, I'm reading a book! Don't you evah evah interrupt me while I'm reading a book! Stotler this is so my future child~

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Just chilling on the toilet. No hurry.

Toileting Activity: You read or let child "read" a potty time story while the toddler sits on the toilet. Helps toddlers understand and gauge how long they should be sitting on the toilet. ELG: The younger toddler shows motivation to read.

Quero a delícia de sentir as coisas mais simples. Manoel Bandeira.

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This made me smile! (and actually laugh out loud a little- mostly b/c I can TOTALLY! see my kid doing this to his sister!

Cutest and best baby photoshoot EVER!!! :)

Harry Potter baby = best baby picture ever. doing this to our kids XD

Probably the Cutest Picture I've ever Seen....

Maybe I will use all our baby books we've got and daddy's glasses :-) super cute personal baby photo idea