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    WTF Kit-kat. Why no fancy flavors for me? I mean blood orange, come on.

    This is quite possibly the tastiest/most disgusting looking thing ever... Scotch flavoured Ice Cream with all of the Bacon & Eggs you have...

    A Lunar New Year promotion, the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza from Pizza Hut Malaysia oozes with "crowns of creamy liquid gold," aka cheese. And there is more different interesting stuffed crust

    So in New York They are fighting over the ban of super size drinks.. And over seas they are eating stuff like this. Mini bacon-wrapped hotdogs surround a cheesy center topped with mini hamburgers, peppers, mushrooms, and onions on this Pizza Hut creation.

    …the new UK Pizza Hut hot dog stuffed crust pizza. The company hasn’t released nutrition information, but a slice of plain pizza has about 265 calories and a hot dog has about 170 calories. #fastfood

    Fast food eaters in Japan have a new option this fall: A pumpkin burger offered for the next few weeks by Burger King.

    Only in Japan - CUCUMBER FLAVORED PEPSI - plus two other weird flavors.

    Bean flavored Pepsi.

    Powdered Peanut Butter! Sounds weird

    toothpaste and orange juice ice cream - yeah, i don't think so

    Eat something bizarre CHECK! I actually ate a deep fried tarantula in Vietnam 15th of November, 2011. Over there it is considered a delicacy and rather common. Actually didn't taste as bad as you would think, honesty tasted similar to a potato chip. Just very small hairs on your tongue after D:

    Frito-Lay is no stranger to bizarre flavors of chips - just a sampling of the strange Lays Potato Chips around the world are a fine example of that. However, their culinary experimentation hasn't been limited to just Lays. The Intern

    Potato chips around the world come in truly bizarre flavors you need to see for yourself. "Hot Chili Squid" flavored potato chips and

    Steak & Onion.

    Lamb and Mint.

    Crispy Duck & Hoisin.

    Wise Smokin' Grill Hamburger & Fixins Potato Chips.

    Lays Bolognese Originale.

    Walkers Worcester Sauce.

    Grilled Lobster Chips.


    Taco Bell’s Strange New Drink

    cheese top burger...only KFC in the Philippines. Oh gosh....probably because they use knives and forks to eat it. Ha ha!

    The 'Dark Vador' (haha frenchies) Burger is available until March 1st in France.

    Pizza Hut Squirty Crust