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An ‘exotic’ food trip in Pampanga - Yahoo! News Philippines

Eating Bullfrog Legs in Alexandria, Louisiana

Available in Chinese Wal-Marts! sosoooossssoooo gross!!!!!!!

Deviled ham is gross and looks and smells like cat food. How can people eat this stuff?

Al Fresco Olive Salad It looks like an alien visitor. Our new vegetal overlord, perhaps. Note the minions gathered in the foreground.

Cheese/ham-filled lettuce. Good Housekeeping, August 1961. At 8:05 p.m., test subject "lettuce A" went mad and committed ritual suicide. Here is the grisly aftermath. As you can see, his brain contained high levels of Cheddar, known to cause dementia in the iceberg species. The Lab Techs pronounced him ... delicious (?). haha ALL humor credit goes to Holly GoLightly!

The ice swan prepares for attack, while the lower mystery loaf tries to wheel itself away.

Street Food: Fried Lizard on a Stick in China

Meal-in-a-Mould. "Mould", not "mold." Must be from England. I wouldn't eat it either way.

And Porky stares at the side dishes with agonized surprise

Fancy Feast? Tender Vittles? Whatever it is, I wouldn't feed this to the raccoons...