the girl across the street from me had this one and the little mermaid one...i was ALWAYS borrowing them!

remember the music!

Loved these

lol i remember this game!

Remember this?!

I LOVED playing this game!

Remember This?


Remember This?

I so remember this!

Remember this?

I so remember this!

wow. i remember this from the 90s.

omg these are even creepier now than i remember them!

Disney Hand Held Electronic Games

Please tell me someone else remembers this!: We remember this!!!!

remember this!!??

If you remember this... you are awesome. I loveddddd this show when I was a wee one!! I still know the song!! "I'm the baby, gotta love me, purple eyes and very cuddly!! I'm the baby, I'm the baby..." lol

I miss this game too...

They also loved this book.

OMG - Remember this?!