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I need a boy with Southern manners, a West coast attitude, and an East coast trust fund. | Confession Ecard |

I'm not perfect but I'm me. I've made mistakes etc just like everyone else. Those who know the real me have still stood by me no matter what.



Ya pretty much

Oh My Goodness....this is so true. For years I was quiet when I had many thoughts and opinions of my own. Voiced some recently and found out who can dish it out but CANNOT take it! Very revealing!

I love getting lost in a great romance novel. Then my husband farts, tells me he loves me, and brings me back to my real life. Awesome. Not so much with the romance novels anymore but, yeah, I'll be in the middle of a great love story and then *bam* reality! Lol I do love him, though.

My daily routine: get up, praise God for my life, be amazing, thank God for an Amazing day and go to bed.