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  • Chris White

    Did you know you can Make your Own Microwave Popcorn in under 4 minutes? Store bought Microwave popcorn is convenient, but it happens to be loaded with fats/oils/sodium, etc. You can make your own healthier, dirt cheap microwave popcorn, complete with various flavors of seasoning in under 4 minutes. ♥--would be great for after school, or even with school lunches sense I am not a huge fan of chips.

  • Jenna von Elling

    make your own microwave popcorn. real food.

  • Allison Mero

    HOMEMADE MICROWAVE POPCORN: Ingredients: Paper bag (lunch size), Popcorn kernels, Melted butter (optional), Popcorn salt or table salt, to taste (optional) and Grated Parmesan cheese or other cheese sprinkle (optional).

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How to Make Homemade Microwave Popcorn! {this is SO simple, tastes delicious, and is a great $$-saver, too!} #recipes #thefrugalgirls

  • Terrie Hinojosa

    Popcorn is the perfect food!

  • Laura Riemer

    If you are addicted to popcorn as I am this is a must! Just be careful to stop it before it burns; I have a reputation for smelling up the kitchen with burnt popcorn : )

  • Sharon Harrison

    it is so easy and good. My dogs love it too.

Homemade Microwave Popcorn from #homemade #popcorn

  • Sandy Rosenberger

    Have done works! And no oil needed to pop....just add a little butter for flavor after popping if much healthier than store bought bags.

  • Kimberly Wiltshire

    You don't need tape to do this. Just fold the top into a tight crease. It works just fine!

  • Desiree' DeStefano-Cuevas

    This is how I make mine too :) no nasty chemicals

  • Jamia Bankhead

    We're addicted. We buy the Orville Redenbacher butter, taste just like the theaters butter.

DIY Microwave Popcorn ... easy and yummy. I doubled the recipe to make more, and added more salt :)

a how to make your own microwave popcorn with a brown paper bag at home

Microwave Popcorn Trick ~ Learned this from Alton Brown Add 1/3 cup popcorn kernels to a brown paper bag, fold the bag over twice then heat in a microwave — folded side down — for 2 minutes. Even a bigger wow factor for students if you use 2 staples to keep the bag closed. It's metal in the microwave, but because of the size of the staples and the distance between (keep the staples several inches apart), no sparking or arcing occurs

DIY- How to Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn in a bag~

  • Hilery Brown

    Check the bottom of paper bag first make sure it is NOT made of recycled materials. If it is it will catch on fire in your microwave- this is the voice of experience!!

  • Leslie @ Mama G's Big Crafty Blog

    I did the same thing Hilery!

  • Sherice Potter

    this is how I make my popcorn. works every time. I just get the paper bags for lunches

  • Dandi Bond

    Or skip the microwave altogether and just use an air popper. :)

  • Little Yellow

    I do this but I wet my hands then rub my wet hands on the outside of the bag and then pop it so it doesn't catch fire. Never leave the microwave unattended.

Glass bowl + ceramic plate + popcorn kernels = perfectly popped popcorn in the microwave. No bag. No butter or oil. Nothing to throw away afterward. And even no un-popped kernels. Take 1/4 cup of dry popcorn kernels and place in the bottom of a microwave-safe glass bowl. Place a microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl. Plate should be wide enough to go beyond the rim of the bowl. Microwave for 2 minutes 45 seconds. Watch in glory as your popcorn pops perfectly into little puffs of heaven.

Paper-bag microwave popcorn....easy. ■1/4 cup popcorn kernels ■paper lunch bag Place 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels into lunch sized paper bag. Fold bag over twice. Place in microwave, standing up, and cook for 3 minutes. Stop the microwave once the popping slows to one to two kernels a second.

  • Lisa Winter

    Now am in search of a lunch bag :( All of mine are not disposable....