Bridal shower wine basket idea! 5 bottles of wine each with a poem for firsts: champagne for first night married, red wine for first fight, white wine for first Christmas eve, rosé for first anniversary & sparkling apple juice cider for first baby!! Then you can add champagne flutes or wine glasses, I used 4 white wine glasses and 4 red wine glasses, the stemless ones are classy yet casual!

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Bridal shower wine basket!

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21 Laugh-Out-Loud White Elephant Gifts

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Printable Poem Gift Tags for Bridal Shower Wine Basket. Give the bride a bottle of wine for 8 life events (plus, cute original poems!)

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Coffee Gift Basket but add Cracker Barrel breakfast foods...Awesomeness!!

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Cute idea for the next person I know who gets married.

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Great housewarming gift idea. Cute. Simple. Self-explanatory. Bonus points if the hammer is used in a future manslaughter trial. GTA 5 just came out people. It’s a real concern.

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SO many fun and creative bridal shower gift basket ideas! MUST PIN!

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DIY - Therapy Sacks- Heating pad. There's a great little poem that goes with this too. That's the white tag in the picture. The poem really makes this a cute gift idea for Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.

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monogrammed glasses

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Engagement party/bridal shower gift: Wine crate decorated & filled with couples "firsts". First Fight, First Home, First Christmas, First New Years, First Anniversary, First Baby. Add a tag with stickers and poems for each "first". I also matched wines to go with each "first". First Fight- Sweet Bitch First Home- Chateau First Christmas- Santa Cristina First New Years- Prosecco First Anniversary- Mi Amore First Baby- Mommy's Time Out

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under $5

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This is your day! TAKE 5 because you need no REISEN To celebrate and turning 40 is nothing to SNICKER about. In fact, this is when you have BUTTERFINGERS And your mind starts playing TWIX on you. You’re WHATCHAMACALLIT isn’t working properly, You’ll do things NOW & LATER And forget them both. You’ll even begin to swear on PAYDAYS that You made 100 GRAND when in fact It was only SKITTLES. So when looking back on the days of your life, Remembering all the SMARTIES and NERDS And tho...

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Champagne basket with different "reason to pop a bottle" tags first fight, first baby.. such a cute idea for the bride to be!!

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My mom totally needs this. There are 4 siblings and 10 grandchildren in our family. She NEEDS this! lol

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I really need one of my friends to get married so that I can give them this as a bridal shower gift. its such a super cute idea.

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Teacher gift ideas-I made this several years in a row, but mine was white under the ruler, then the Thank you, plus cut an apple in 1/2 & dipped in red paint and stamped on the pot.

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DIY Personalized Candle - kids or grand-kids can make and give as a gift. Sorry no link or directions other than the picture tutorial shown. Kids draw picture on wax paper then wrap it around a white candle and heat with hair dryer until it melts onto the candle. Neat idea.

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Christmas Eve box (they get to open it on Christmas Eve)! They get new pjs (to wear that night), a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie, etc. This would be an awesome new tradition!

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