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music on, world off

so true. When the world gets crazy I hit the music button.i would probably just live in the music world for the rest of my life

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Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and I thought I would do a round up of some of my favorite gifts for Teachers that I've given to my daughters teachers or

#MusicOlogy #MusicIsTheLanguageOfTheSoul

Feel the music

"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought." // turn off your mind! ;)

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But I would only get the word love without the bass and treble cleff heart.

Music is Life

its a sticker! Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art

The secret is to listen to more music and less advice.

The secret is to listen to more music and less advice. SO TRUE


"Music is like the ocean, it does not belong to any one race or culture"

JOY IS. Pursuit of Joyfulness: Music Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life {Music Room Theme}

why music therapy is working for alzheimer patients

All it takes is one song to bring back 1000 memories

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We believe this is why seeing the musicians you love live in concert is so fabulous - you're sharing your feelings with a total stranger. We'd love to help you with your next concert tickets: www.


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So me.  XD

Please don't judge me for the type of music I listen to. Not a lot of people understand things I listen to but to me its everything I've gone through. So when you judge my music your judging my life also. Just saying please don't!

"And she turns up the music, to drown out her life."

And she turns up the music, to drown out her life. When life gets hectic, it is music that pulls me back.


sometimes the music just can't get loud enough. music is food for your soul

Music spans all eras and languages.

And for that one moment while the music plays you know who you are and everything you wish to be - beautiful quote, wonder who said it?