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My philosophy when it comes to my physics classes.

The Stages of Fandom.

Disney Princes- Perfect!

Mulan's response to her new look.

If you don’t understand this, your childhood was a waste of time.

adorable Creeper

This. Bwahahaha I use this and my hair feels awesome... hasn't helped with the emotional fandom damage yet

Okay, I snorted at this.

Skyrim on different resolutions

Reactions to Frozen


Neville with his "Potter Puppet Pal." THE BEST.

shingeki no kyojin, attack on titan, cosplay

This is a little too close to my recent experience in school :P

Professional Fangirl v2 by Fawkes


You’re a mathemagician Harry…

Oh, America, you atention hog, you

Downton Abbey!!

Oh my gosh.

Stark power

You just have to know the fandoms.

Skyrim Hoarders.