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    Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937 >> Why that is one big grasshopper! ha ha ha! I bet it is friends with the Jackalope...

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    • Betty Roux

      Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. Wtf? I'll run far far away if that thing came bouncing towards me!!!

    • Michelle Schulte

      Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. Holy crap - look at the size of that thing! Mutant grasshopper.

    • Kimiko

      Vintage trickery? Let’s hope so. That thing is terrifying. Grasshopper shot near Miles City, Montana, 1937.

    • Gwendolyn Jones

      Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. Grasshopper half the size of man holding him old black white photograph of man with gun in one hand monster giant grasshopper in other hand

    • Kristi Spencer

      Giant grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. I remember all the grasshoppers we had in the summertime, thankfully never one this big!!

    • Alan Danger

      Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. Wtf? I didn't know they has photo shop in 1937.

    • Debra Farrell

      "Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937" The stuff that nightmares are made of!

    • Emily Schapker

      man holding a giant Grasshopper, shot near Miles City, Mont, 1937.

    • Marisha Hargrove

      Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. Weird!!

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    COVERT SCIENCE-People—as well as cows, goats and the occasional horse—had vanished inexplicably near Belize City, S. Am. for 20 years. Convinced a monster lived in the lagoon, the locals asked Acapulco engineer Carlos Masin to help prove it. Masin criss-crossed the lagoon with wires & electrified it for 5 minutes, after which hundreds of fish—and this unbelievable thing rose to the surface, not quite dead. Its carcass has been on display in Mexico City since 1993."We close our eyes-1920-1999"

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    1937 - Two women showing uncovered legs in the public place for the first time. Toronto

    This was taken on 9/11/01 at ground zero and has been attributed to "mothman." I don't know what it is but it is creepy and, as yet, unexplained. If mothman is a harbinger of destruction, this thing fits the bill.

    NOTE- NO LEGS ON DANCER. Yes. This is a real photo. It was a mother at a school and her daughter was in the group. She snapped this picture (there was no dancers on the stage) the very next shot, no more dancer. Absolutely Incredible!!