Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937 >> Why that is one big grasshopper! ha ha ha! I bet it is friends with the Jackalope...

How long has it been since Bayer sold heroin? Anyway, there it is, heroin by Bayer, the trusted name in pain relief.

Discovered in a mouse trap in Metepec, Mexico, this bizarre creature seems to combine features both animal and human. DNA tests of it have been inconclusive.

Building On Mars. Ancient Civilization or natural occurrence?

Siberian bear hunting armour (c 1800s)

French Mug shot of François Bertillon, 23 months. Crime: Gluttony, nibbling all the pears from a basket, by Alphonse Bertillon, October 17, 1893.

Civil War Veteran Jacob Miller of the 9th Indiana Infantry was shot in the forehead on Sept.19th 1863 at Brock Field at Chickamauga. He survived the shot, later writing that he had a constant reminder of the Chickamauga Battlefield and the constant pain he suffered from that wound.

A fact that blew my mind...

23,000 years old evidence of Dwarka city found underwater. Makes a 6,000 year old world civilization pale just a little bit in comparison, doesn't it?

4 Brothers: Giants. All over 7 feet tall

Take a look at the picture to the right. This was a picture taken of a dead creature that washed up on the coast of California. The thing had a neck 20 feet long and four flippers. Several people were eyewitnesses.

Redwood tree (Coast Redwood or Giant Sequoia?) felled

Alien UFO Sightings: The UFO Artifacts of Mexico

New York 1947  Photo: Fred Stein

When 5-year-old May Pierstorff asked to visit her grandmother, her parents had no money to buy a rail ticket. So they mailed her. In 1914, May’s parents proposed mailing her from Grangeville, parcel post to Lewiston, Idaho, 75 miles away. The postmaster found the “package” was under the 50-pound weight limit, so he winked at their plan, classed May as a baby chick, and put 53 cents in stamps on her coat. May rode in the train's mail car and was delivered safely to her grandparents.

A soldier of the Red Army raises the Russian flag above the Reichstag in Berlin as the city falls to the Allies in 1945

Dresden WWII

baby cage, 1937 (old photos of London)

John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot President Lincoln at Ford's Theater...

~A FROZEN MOMENT THAT CHANGED THE WORLD minutes before he was shot