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HILARIOUS! You will be so glad you read this. And you will laugh out loud. And maybe snort once or twice because they are SO true.


I'll remember it...

All of the time!

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Best pin of life, I love naps!

OMG this describes my cleaning life. When I start by wiping down the counter and end up cleaning out a cabinet whilst the rest of the counter remains unwiped

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I Am Freaking Cold

i am freaking cold!

I have done this more times than I can count...and when it happens, I feel so weird....:) LOL


You’re not playing hard enough…


I, on the other hand, become rapturous with desire. Luckily, I am like a baby without object permanence, so if the much-coveted object is out of sight long enough without me ordering it, I very often forget that it exists and that only it can fulfill me and make my life complete. Lol.