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  • Melinda Morris

    I want to say this might be Black Bear Pass..which I have done! ;)

  • 5Kupps

    "Death Road" - only western road into La Paz. Oh hell no! Where's a Smart car when you need it!

  • Janie Frazee

    A family trip gone wrong! How the heck did that thing even get there??? Umm...Josh!

  • Paul Belza

    near Ouray or Telluride, Colorado Rockies

  • Megan Shdleif

    Off roading

  • Reflective Life Ministries

    I love this picture! Take a few minutes to observe the scene. Where is the road leading? How did he get there in the first place? Notice the vehicle is teetering on the edge. All it takes is one wrong move and he's down the mountain in no time flat. Imagine the driver's physical state... heart beating ninety-miles an hour, sweat dripping, hands shaking and prayers pouring out! Can you feel his situation on this Road Less Traveled? Read the rest...

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