How darling is this?! One of my favorite photos of a mare and her foal. What a beautiful moment!


archangvl: Horse | Zoltán Túri

This is so rare for horses to give birth to twins and all three be healthy and alive. One of gods little miracles right here <3

This beautiful American Saddlebred mare, Wilmar November Rain, appears to carry the sooty gene on a chestnut base coat. Notice the smudgy coloration on her face and the darker shading in her mane. Cavalli Estates, South Africa.

Peeking out

This is a "life's best" kind of moment!

Mare with foal

Look at that mane!!!

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ANY picture of a horse KISSING a rider is PROOF that horses are not animals, they are more than that, especially for those who connect with them.

small cowboy

This is quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world.

Too cute! Tooooo cuuuuuuuute!

noble elegance

this beauty was hand raised by a loving couple. I have never seen a horse sleep in such a position.Some of his foster siblings may have been dogs, perhaps

I want one!

It Takes a Village.

Love this!

The gathering ~