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"What year is it?" Paper towel display time traveller... Except you would have to wear clothes that didn't match the season, and come up with a saying (instead of "holy crap") that NOBODY ever used before, and pretend that people of the future say it all the time. [Troll Walmart Project]

Best To-do list ever! Except for the philosophy part...

You will know when i have completed this........when I write on my FB "life complete".

Haha love these, must do at least some of them!

I couldn't help but notice in #3 they were presuming a major in philosophy would wind up as a waiter/waitress

LOLOLOLOL. One more thing. To Do: Gather friends and make a car out of card board. Go through the drive thru of McDonald's.

Rolling down a hill while taking a panorama...gonna do this.

I want to witness every single thing on this list

Roflmao. I had to leave my husnad at home after the above things to do in walmart appeared on nine gag for fear of him getting arrested.