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    • Charity Jacks

      I think all 90's babies cried as they felt their childhoods slip away along with Andy's during Toy Story 3. True Story.

    • courtney cissel

      umm, i started weeping in the first five minutes and pretty much didn't stop. but this scene was particularly heartbreaking. #disney #toystory3

    • Roxanne Bourne

      So true. Managed to pull myself together and then he gets in his car, drives away, and looks back in the rearview mirror. Ugh, Disney. You know how to pull at the heartstrings.

    • Tori Blakey

      ah, it's so true! i already started crying when the toys all hold hands when they think they're gonna die. ugh. that movie gets to me.

    • Macey Forehand

      Curse you disney for making me cry like a baby at the end of toy story 3

    • Olivia G.

      That moment when we all started weeping / Toy Story 3 - Disney

    • Carleee

      Toy Story 3- I cried like a baby through this whole movie

    • C B

      Andy was around my older brother's and my age throughout the entire series. We grew up with Andy. When Toy Story 1 came out, we were infants/toddlers, but watched it and by the time we were 7 and 9, Toy Story 2 came out. We felt like we grew up with Andy and we loved our toys dearly because we dreamt that they could be alive. When we were 15 and 17, Toy Story 3 came out and we were preparing for college ourselves, taking the SATs, making the decisions. Disney couldn't have done a better job in the last few scenes of the final movie of portraying the dilemma we have when growing up. We have to move on, and learn to hold our memories in our hearts. But it doesn't make it any less hard to let go to those we love.

    • Megan Dingus

      Disney Truths

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