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Thank you for serving our country... Prayers and blessing to all who have served, are serving and those that choose to serve to protect our future.

Motivation! She turned her camera into cans and her dreams into plans

♥ indeed... I love my man very dearly, but long-distance relationships are very challenging. I wait... sometimes not so calmly or patiently... for our circumstances to change... 'Time goes by so slowly & Time can do so much... ' ♥

So... making signs with random quotes would be easy enough and give a visitor endless funny things to read in an visually stimulating manor without even opening a book!! Shelby Stroud im going to need some graphic design help!

Best Of “Keep Calm” – 22 Pics

Wish I could write all day...but then I wouldn't be able to paint & pin all day!

Everyone keeps saying its going to get easier. I honestly don't see how. Everyday keeps getting harder then the last...

Keep Calm and Fall In Love Heart Shaped by KeepCalmAndStayGold, $6.99 :D :D :D Done and done, I have to have it!

Keep Calm and Drink Starbucks 8 x 12 Keep Calm and Carry On Parody Poster. $15.60, via Etsy.

Enjoy the little things because when you start to think back on those memories and wish you held for just a little bit longer.♥

Perfection is not realistic and unfortunately we are not all born with a silver spoon and far from living in a castle. -----But with hard work..... you can expect anything in life to be beautiful