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  • Ashley Santos

    How to clean microfiber couch! Step 1: Vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any hair/crumbs/etc Step 2: Spray rubbing alcohol onto the dirty area. This sounds a bit crazy, but it's key. The alcohol won't saturate the fabric and evaporates much quicker than water so it won't leave a mark. Just test in an inconspicuous spot if you're worried about colorfastness.

  • Victoria Boland

    How to Clean Microfiber Furniture Step 1: Vacuum Step 2: Spray rubbing alcohol onto the dirty area Step 3: Rub vigorously with a clean scrub sponge (make sure the scrubbing surface is white or the color could transfer) Step 4: Let the area dry completely Step 5: Rub with a clean, soft scrub brush in a circular motion (again, be sure to use a brush with white bristles to avoid discoloration) This step fluffs up the surface of the fabric to make it soft again.

  • Piper Anne Beach

    Clean microfiber sofa: 1. vacuum w/ brush. 2. Spray w/ rubbing alcohol on dirt spots. 3. Rub vigorously w/ lcean scrub sponge. 4. Let dry completely 5. Rub w/ clean soft scrub brush in circular motion.

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