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Thank your music teacher if you understand the language!    #teacher #music #quote #musicteacher #inspire

I do thank my piano teacher immensely for teaching me to read music. I wish longingly to take up lessons again when I have the time to practice!

Whoever this is they just became my hero.

Music always comes with the weirdest analogies. Once my band teacher told us we sound like over cooked oatmeal. << I've had piano solos in jazz band called "tasty" and our percussion section sound like popcorn. music is a fun cult


Black and White Photo of Piano Keys Playing - Fine Art Photo Entitled Musical…

Band geek joke. It's really funny because the conductor's have the sheet music with every part on it and it is called a score.

Love the cheesy joke. Stupid cheesy jokes are my thing--especially when they're music jokes.

Perfect for a music classroom poster... of coarse none my my little ones would get it

Music humor - (Student part: REST your mouth for an extended amount of time!) This works in my classroom! :) for the board, when you teach

Useless. Marching band probs :/ lol

Marching Band Problems another pinner wrote: Anyone who has ever worn a band uniform, especially in the North, knows this is the truth! At least you could usually get a couple layers of clothing on underneath.

A Quarter Note

for the guys who like band geeks a musical pick -up line I get this cuz i played cello.

Yep. Nobody cares about the Saxophone section leader, all those hours whooping their butts into shape...

Band Problems actually some of the teachers at my school only mention the band things. guess i'm lucky