♥this pic reminds me of my dachshunds encounter with a great dane

Chihuahua Puppy and a Great Dane sniffing by Shutterstock.

El gran danés o dogo alemán es una raza de perro catalogados como gigantes. El gran danes es uno de esos perros difíciles de manejar por su gran tamaño. Aprende todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el dogo alemán.

so pretty I will have a great Dane one day!

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Just a few reasons to own a dog. This is possibly my favorite pin of all timer tear up.

Harlequin Great Dane.

Championship Great Dane Breeder in Lower Mainland B.

25 raças mais perigosas de cachorro - IDEAGRID - Dog Alemão

Blue Great Dane pets-and-animals

The Great Dane was designated the official state dog of Pennsylvania in 1965. A portrait of William Penn and his Great Dane hangs in the Governor's reception room (Best Friend, by Pennsylvania artist Violet Oakley). Great Danes were used as a hunting and working breed in frontier Pennsylvania. PA Legislation states that naming an official dog of the Commonwealth would "recognize the steadfast service and loyal devotion of all dogs in Pennsylvania."

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What if that dog decided to run away at THAT moment? 

That lady would be without a dog in 0.004 seconds.

Take a bow-wow-wow: Nova the Great Dane is recognised as world's tallest female dog

Give us a piggyback: Ann Suplee goes for a walk with Nova, who has been officially recognised as the world's tallest female dog at on her hind legs

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Sometimes even moving from the sofa to the chair is asking too much.

Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy

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I like your spots and your ears, you can come live with me now, please and thanks

Australian Shepard and corgi mixed?

Merle Great Dane - My Juliette! :)

Merle Great Dane - My Juliette!

... , Great Danes must be trained with adequate exercises. Description from I searched for this on

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) - The Dreaded Bloat in Dogs

Harlequin Great Dane---> my future dog!

Dogo alemán

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Great Dane facts, so true!

Great Danes

Great Dane pups all in a row and on wheels.