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um I don't know if I should think this is funny or's probably both.

That's how I knew you were the one for me! That and well...that great accent of yours!

Hey girl, you're sweeter than the cookies that you bake for your small group every week. - Bradley Cooper // "Hey Christian Girl" pick-up lines

Hey Christian Girl. I probably think these are a lot funnier than they actually are....but im cracking up!!

Hey Christian Girl - These usually are a bit too corny for me... but this was good :)

HEY CHRISTIAN GIRL.....just spent way to much time on this site.... hahahahaha

Hey Christian Girl. OMG it's all the worst Christian pickup lines!

The Christian side hug is a term for a display of affection in which a person hugs another by putting one arm around their shoulders, rather than both arms around them. The reasons for this can be two fold: "to avoid the uncontrollable temptation that hugging face-to-face – and therefore crotch-to-crotch – would lead to", or to prevent the misinterpretation of events or intentions.